The president made the statement in his meeting with artists on Thursday, adding that Iran’s rich cultural works indicate great Iranian-Islamic civilization.

“We are responsible for transferring them to the next generation in the best possible way,” he said, according to

“The arts can transmit the best and most complex concepts to the next generations, and through the arts, common understanding can be achieved in many subjects,” the president added.

Raeisi said that fair support in the arts is of great significance, adding that allocation of credit, capacities and facilities to artists must be in line with the importance of this field.

He said that the eight years of the Sacred Defense have great artistic capacities; it is necessary to explain the different dimensions of these years in an artistic language.

Touching upon audio-visual productions, the president highlighted that these productions need to be vast, both in terms of quality and quantity, due to their large audience, including in regional countries


Source: Iran Daily