Director of Tourism and Handicrafts of the Touring & Automobile Club of the Islamic Republic of Iran (TACI), Hadi Sajjadimehr, said that Iran will take part in the European Countries Hall of the event for the first time, Mehr News Agency reported.

He added that due to the limited number of halls in the exhibition, unlike previous years, Iran’s hall has been moved from Hall 2, which was the location of Middle Eastern participants, to Hall 4, which is for European countries.

One of the proposed subjects for the Iranian hall was to present Iranian-Islamic architecture, he noted, adding that a number of artworks were designed based on Achaemenid and Safavid architecture.

Speaking about displaying Iran’s handicrafts, he said Iranian organizers made interactions with several workshops to show the bests of the country at the Spanish event.

There have been also some arrangements to hold two cultural programs, featuring Iranian music and traditional plays. However, the Spanish government banned gatherings and the programs were canceled, Sajjadimehr said.

The event is the global meeting point for tourism professionals and the leading trade fair for inbound and outbound markets. The presence of more than 1,170 media is evidence of the level of expectation this event creates in the industry.