Ways to expand cultural relations between the two countries were discussed at the meeting, the culture ministry announced in a press release.

“Besides the regard for economic priorities, the new Iranian government in the beginning months of its administration is highly concerned with cultural issues,” Esmaeili said in his meeting with Grecu.

He added the government also really cares about the expansion of cultural relations in its foreign policy. 

He said that the history of diplomatic relations between Iran and Romania will turn 120 in the near future, and this long history can promote the two countries to strengthen their ties in all fields more than ever.

He noted that Iran views its relations with Romania as very friendly, and added, “Besides broad economic ties, we anticipate more cultural relations with Romania.”

Pointing to a memorandum of understanding signed between Iran and Romania in 2014, Esmaeili asked the MOU to be extended in the new phase of cultural relations between the two countries.      

He said that Iran is eager to organize joint cultural weeks, film festivals and art exhibitions with Romania.

On her part, Grecu also expressed her hope that the meeting would help pave the ground for the expansion of relations between the two countries.

She also pointed to the long history of political relations between Iran and Romania and said that she would do her best to see that relations are expanded during her mission.

She noted that Romania is ready to celebrate the 120th anniversary of diplomatic relations with Iran in July 2022, and added that she will make every effort to see that the cultural MOU between Romania and Iran is extended. 

Previously in November, Grecu also met Iranian Deputy Science Minister Hashem Dadashpur, and discussed ways to develop scientific and technological cooperation between the two countries.


Source: Tehran Times