Families and friends gather to light bonfires and keep them lit until dawn.

In this ancient custom, they sing: “Sorkhie to az man, zardie man az to,” which means: “I give my illness (yellowness) to the fire and receive wellbeing (redness) from the fire.”

In this fire festival, ordinary people pile tinder from bushes and pieces of wood in public places such as streets, alleys, and squares, and set them alight. The intention is to hope for enlightenment and happiness throughout the coming year.

Many different traditions are followed on this night in different cities of Iran. Jumping over the fire and buying a special mix of sweet and sour nuts (mixed with raisins and other sweet things) is done in almost every city of Iran. It is believed that eating these nuts on Chaharshanbe Suri will make your wishes come true.

One of the fun activities is jumping over the bonfire on this night. Men and women cover their faces in order not to be recognized, and go to their neighbor’s doors making noise by hitting on a bowl with a spoon to notify the members of the house. When the residents hear the noise, one of them comes to the door, gets the bowl, fills it with ash (Persian soup) or candy and returns it to the person. The act is known as qashoq zani.

Source: Iran Daily