During a meeting on December 10, Iran's Ambassador to Zagreb Parviz Esmaeili and director of the Marco Polo Art Festival – Silk Road, the Path of Dialogue, Igor Prižmić, explored avenues for promoting cultural cooperation between the two countries on Thursday.

Iranian artworks, music, and cinema are important parts of the Croatian festival which is being held in Croatia in an online format due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Croatians believe that Marco Polo was born in Korčula Island and the house attributed to him is one of the tourist attractions of this country.

Iranian films have many enthusiasts in Croatia, as they participate in that country's festivals.

The director of this festival had previously stated that the main purpose of holding this festival was to strengthen dialogue and cultural cooperation and to make the people of the countries along the Silk Road more familiar with the culture and customs of these countries in the form of cinematic works.

According to the official website of the festival, “The key issue of our era, of development and the desired outcome of global politics, is to achieve world peace – a state of dialogue and tolerance among people. Achieving this paradigm first and foremost could be provided by connecting the points of the joint representation for the pluralism of cultural identity and diversity, the absence of the politics of culture, which were the same reality and discourse burdens topical also in the era and the thinking of Marco Polo, seven centuries ago.”


Source: Iran Daily