period of eight years of Sacred Defense in Iran has fostered the culture of martyrdom and self-sacrifice in Iran, he said.

“This pure moral and human value requires attention and efforts of responsible people and culture lovers so that they do not spare any effort in transferring these concepts to the next generations.”

Showing honorable defense of Iranians during the eight years of the Sacred Defense (1980-1988) in cultural fields is among the achievements of Iran’s Islamic history, he said.

Holding cultural events to commemorate the Sacred Defense and reviewing the memories of the Iranian combatants would guide the next generations to move toward the Islamic Revolution goals.

Commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Sacred Defense could be an opportunity to transfer the concepts and teachings of the Sacred Defense to the present generation to pass on the achievements of the eight-year period to the younger generation and inform them about this culture, the minister said.

“The lessons and messages of the Sacred Defense playing the role of a model meeting the needs of today’s society seeking to achieve the goals of the Islamic Revolution,” he said.