The unveiling took place in the presence of Seyyed Mohammad Mojtaba Hosseini, Deputy Minister of Arts and Culture and Islamic Guidance, and Qader Ashena, Director General of Performing Arts. 

In a short speech, Hosseini, while pointing to the need to organize processes he provided statistics in this regard and said: From the beginning of my term, we came to the conclusion that one of the main programs in the Deputy Minister of Arts should be to organize the processes and one of the required systems was related to performing arts. This event started in December 2019 and we hope to see its use throughout the country in the next three months.

Qader Ashena,,Director of Perfroming Art Center, as another main speaker at the ceremony, said: We are used to acting in the traditional atmosphere, but in the new atmosphere, things are easier and it should be! Which is a gem for our cultural departments in very close future.

In the following, Ali Imanpour, in charge of Deputy of Arts IT division and Ali Fallahi Head of Software Development Group from Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance explained about the licensing online system for theatrical works. This meeting was attended by relevant officials held.