Alexander Rieger, Deputy Ambassador and President of the Austrian Cultural Association in Iran, met  Mehdi Afzali, Director of the Rudaki Foundation, and Christopher Vidora, the head of Digital Development at the Vienna State Opera, to discuss on collaborations, including the renovation and reconstructing of Vahdat Hall.

Considering the common features of Vahdat Hall and the Vienna Opera House, equipping, reconstructing, and renovating the machinery and technical part of the hall, as well as providing advice on standardization of instruments’ maintenance ways were important points of this videoconference.

Referring to the special conditions caused by the outbreak of coronavirus in the world and the restrictions on holding art programs, the two sides discussed novel methods of increasing artistic interactions between the two countries.

Holding joint performances and forming online masterclasses were among the proposals made at the meeting.

It has been more than four decades since Vahdat Hall was launched, while many of its equipment such as the mechanical system has been worn-out.