"Corona is a global phenomenon, it is possible to get rid of this pandemic if all nations work hard and together, this is our goal and the reason of sending Iran's sodality messages thru video mapping on Azadi Tower to the world for solidarity against coronavirus", Mahdi Afzali managing director of Roudaki foundation said.

Azadi Tower has been three video massages canvas newly, 'Be Strong Wuhan' in February was the first and for medical staff, doctors, nurses appreciation of what they are doing, and at the same time, it was National Islamic Republic Day in Iran. In April this unique works gave a boost to Azadi Tower of Tehran, Iran.


Guardian Journal on 31 march 2020 chose a picture from the video mapping program in Tehran's Azadi Tower as one of the best photos of the day, captioned "Azadi Lightened Up with flags of other countries". This was an appreciation for medical staff across the globe.

برج آزادی نیمه شعبان

Simultaneously with the celebrations of mid-Shaban on the eight March video mapping program held by the Tehran Municipality Beautification department together with the Roudaki Foundation. This program was during quarantine and was held due to the problems and challenges made by corona disease without the presence of people, also beautiful traditional and Islamic motifs together with blessed names of Imam Mahdi were engraved on the Azadi Tower. 


This cultural icon became red on the 17th of April on the occasion of World Haemophilia Day with the aim of supporting patients and social awareness.

ام اس

Also, it's orange lighting on 30 May was for World MS Day.