Hossein Roozbeh made the statement during his visit to the Unity of Iranian Ethnicities Festival titled ‘Dear Iran’, adding that holding such festivals which narrate Iranian ethnic groups’ originality is of high significance.

Various ethnic groups are an integral part of an Iranian culture as they have introduced their noble cultural features to the world over the years, he added, noting that such festivals narrate the general spirit of the Iranian nation and culture.

Iranian culture, whose main foundation is Islam, is present in ethnic groups’ lifestyle, he said, adding that their bold presence could protect them throughout history.

Speaking on the importance of the family whose foundation has been targeted and challenged recently, he said that the family can be seen as the first and starting point of Iranian culture.

He added that the organizers of the festival and visitors pay special attention to women as the center of the family, noting that all the efforts to challenge the foundation of the Iranian family will be failed.

On the occasion of Unity Week in Iran, ‘Dear Iran’ opened at Tehran’s Chitgar Lake or Persian Gulf Lake on October 11 and ran through October 21.

Organized by the Cultural and Art Organization of Tehran, the festival aims to introduce culture, civilization, and traditions of various Iranian ethnicities.

The festival is an opportunity for each ethnic group to introduce and display their culture.

It aims to show Iran’s ethnic culture to younger generation and develop the country’s national identity.

Lor, Kurdish, Azaribaijani, Baluch, Turkmen, Gilaki, Mazani, Arab, Bakhtiari, and Qashqaei groups, and also the people of southern regions of the country are participating in the festival.

The Stage Section of the ‘Dear Iran’ hosts various programs for children and adults. It includes the performance of ethnic music, short documentary, competition, and special programs for children.

In the Field Section, 350 pavilions are displaying cultural products and handicrafts, culinary arts, clothes, and customs of various ethnic groups


Source: Iran Daily