Iranian Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Mohammad Mehdi Esmaeili, during meetings with Lebanese senior officials on his visit to the country, expressed his country’s eagerness to expand cultural, regional interactions, saying the government has broad programs in this field.

In separate meetings with President Michel Aoun, Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, and Prime Minister Najib Azmi Miqati, Esmaeili referred to commonalities between the two countries, emphasizing that the first destination of Iranian cultural diplomacy is Lebanon.

He expressed hope that a full and comprehensive memorandum of understanding would be signed in the coming months.

In a Tuesday meeting with his Lebanese counterpart, Mohammed Wissam al-Mortada, the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance also announced Iran’s readiness for joint film productions with countries in the region next year.

Esmaeili visited Lebanon at the head of a cultural and artistic delegation to attend the Cultural Week of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Beirut with the aim of expanding and deepening the bilateral cultural and artistic relations, as well as introducing the rich history of Iran.

Referring to the holding of the Iran Culture Week in Lebanon, Esmaeili said this important cultural and artistic event can open a new chapter in our bilateral cultural ties.

A delegation consisting of the Tehran Symphony Orchestra and artists in other fields is attending this cultural and artistic event, which began on Monday.

The official opening of this program, entitled Fajr Cultural Days in Beirut, kicked  off with a performance of the Tehran Symphony Orchestra in the great hall of Resalat, said the head of Cultural Cooperation and Iranian Affairs Abroad at Iran’s Islamic Culture and Relations Organization.

The ceremony was also attended by the two countries’ ministers of culture, Mohammad Ali Kiani added.

Source: Iran Daily