This music festival is held in three age categories: a- “7 to 12 years”, b- “13 to 19 years” and c- “20 years and above", ilna reported.

“Keyvan Saket” and “Behdad Babaei” are the members of the jury, “Mansour Haghi”, “Erfan Ganjahai”, “Mohammad Mousavi” and “Ali Alishahi” are the members of the selection committee and “Mehdi Gholami” is the executive secretary of the festival.

Explaining how the students were selected during the festival, Keyvan Saket said: According to all festivals, for the first stage, in order to send a sample of their work, they can selectively and freely record their desired repertoire and send it to the jury. “Artists who are selected from the first section and make it to the final stage will then be sent a specific repertoire that will be communicated to participants in the future.”

He added: “I believe that this festival definitely faces some problems, but we can claim that unlike most festivals that have a repetitive repertoire, this festival has tried to classify and present everything based on innovation, skill, courage and mastery, which is a good thing.” “It’s important, and with judges who have considerable ability, skill and popularity, it will undoubtedly be a valuable end result.”

Ali Asghar Khosravi, the director of Bahman Cultural Center, also said about holding this festival: “During the last two years and with the outbreak of coronary heart disease, for the first time we managed to hold a solo festival in the seventh period, which was related to daf playing, virtually throughout Iran.” The eighth period was also attended by these two experiences that led us to perform the ninth setar and string solo festival from receiving works to judging virtually, and if necessary, by observing health protocols and obtaining permission from “Once the Corona headquarters is ready, the closing ceremony of the festival will be held in person.”

It is worth mentioning that those interested have the opportunity to send their works along with the registration form to the Bahman Cultural Center’s portal account by February 16 of this year. Uploaded to participate in this festival.