The closing ceremony began with a Moloudi songs and then Mohammad Reza Alizadeh, Director General of Islamic Art and Culture Office of Kerman Province, said at the ceremony: Tonight , at the end of another round of the regional music festival, we are happy that such a festival, with all its ups and downs, has reached this level of perfection and status. This maturity can be found and hidden in all elements of the music festival of the regions of Iran.

The executive director of the 14th festival said: This year was held with the invitation and hosting of about seventy artists in the form of selected groups.Undoubtedly, a festival of this size and grandeur was not possible except with the support and assistance of the organs and institutions of the province, and we thank those who helped us in organizing the fourteenth music festival of the regions of Iran. In the last part of his speech, he said: In the end, we and the people expect that the Kerman brand will remain in Kerman by creating and launching a permanent secretariat.

He emphasized: This demand, of course, is not due to the expression of emotions, but due to the holding of fourteen regional music festivals and its transformation into a fruitful tree. Therefore, we expect that with the establishment of the secretariat of the National Music Festival of the regions of Iran in Kerman, new blood will be breathed in the veins of this original, noble and artistic festival.

Then, Mohammad Ali Merati, the secretary of the 14th Festival, also expressed his satisfaction with the holding of this musical event in Kerman: I thank God that as a small member of the society, I am proud to have one of the most important music events in my country.”Unity in the musical plurality of Iranian ethnic groups” was the key to our connection, and this festival was a season in which the diversity of valuable Iranian ethnic groups grew and manifested. Thank you to everyone who helped us during this period. However, today, the 2nd of Aban, coinciding with the birth of the Prophet (PBUH), we are watching the closing ceremony of the 14th Regional Music Festival in Iran.

Merati said about how the participants were selected: Our criterion in this period has been to invite elite and less seen artists, the young generation and teenagers who continue the path of their relatives’ music. Ehsan Abdipour’s Sorna playing changed the atmosphere during the ceremony and then Ali Zeinivand (Governor of Kerman) while welcoming the artists of Iranian ethnic groups said:

Cultural Iran has a wider circle than present-day Iran, and its radius extends to China and India. I am very worried that our children will lose their originality and identity under cyberspace. All bravery, warfare is in the hearts of the tribes. But fragmentation threatens our identity, and art itself can be a generator of thought. “We want to,” Zeinivand stressed the permanent secretariat of this festival must be in Kerman and we will host this event for many years. Then, the celebration of two prominent music artists of Kerman was held in the presence of cultural directors from Kerman and Tehran. Then the performance of Ashegh Ali from Azerbaijan took place.

Shaloui (Deputy Minister of Art and Culture) also said: I agree with the proposal to establish a permanent secretariat of the festival in Kerman; Kerman has the capacity to host this event forever. The music of your professors and veterans was performed in another part of the ceremony, and finally: Khan Mohammad Adinehpour, Khodadad Zangshahi, Qudratullah Fathi, Ashiq Hassan Eskandari, Houshang Kurdistani, Mohammad Shekarchi and Bahram Mehrbakhsh were appreciated in the form of active music artists of Iranian regions.