Seyyed Mohammad Mojtaba Hosseini, Artistic DeputyThe Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, said on the sidelines of the unveiling of Roudaki Studio"During the year and months that the Corona crisis began, the entire effort of the Roudaki Foundation was aimed at somehow being able to extract opportunities from this threat and update the Roudaki Foundation".

This event, from structural repairs to architectural sections, is definitely the largest construction project that has been formed in the 50 years of operation of the Roudaki Foundation, he added.

Hosseini continued "One of the admirable approaches of the Roudaki Foundation has been to provide more facilities. One of them has been to create base to support artists, and These include music recording studios and special master classes and classes. In fact, from now on, young musicians who collaborate with the foundation in large orchestras and young artists who work even outside the Roudaki Foundation can use these facilities. The designer of Roudaki Voice Studio is Orod Anzabipour, one of the prominent engineers in the field of sound".

In making this collection, the best studio recording and playback facilities that are used in the world have been used. Moving walls of Rudaki Studio is one of its important features.

The performance of two young musicians was also recorded and broadcast at the event.