Zakaria Yousefi, Kamran Montazeri, Amir-Abbas Barfi, Homayoun Nassiri helped create the album.

Ardeshir Kamkar who was the instructor of Jamalipour said that ‘for a music teacher who has spent years of his life cultivating talent and educating students, there is no better news than to see his students’ success.”

The pieces of this album are technically a mix of regional, traditional and maqami music (this kind of music is not tonal like the European classical music, but it is modal), Kamkar added.

Jamalipour was born in Tehran in 1998. He was familiar with the instruments of the dulcimer, flute recorder, bell, and drum from the age of five.  

He began learning kamancheh playing with master Mehdi Baqeri and since then he has been learning to play with Ardeshir Kamkar. He was also a student of Arsalan Kamkar for learning how to play classical violin.

Among his artistic activities are holding numerous concerts inside and outside of the country. He has also collaborated with the ensemble of Ardeshir Kamkar, ‘Shabrovan,’ ‘Avaye Delshodegan’ and ‘Tarannom-e Mehrabani.’

He has previously published two musical pieces ‘Ecstasy’ and ‘The Desert’ that the latter was a joint work with Ardeshir Kamkar.


Source: Iran Daily