This webinar was held in cooperation with the Cultural Counselor of the Islamic Republic of Iran in China, Music directors of the Ministry of Culture of China, Mohammad Al-Hayari, Director General of the Music Office of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance of Iran, Mahdi Afzali Director of the Roudaki Foundation, China's Advisor to Iran, The second secretary of the Chinese embassy and the cultural expert of the Organization of Islamic Culture and Communication were present and They examined the context of cultural activities between Iran and China.

Emphasizing cultural diplomacy, the director-general of the Music Bureau said: "The display of cultural and artistic works will cause cultural and artistic interactions between the two countries. Holding a joint music week can help expand relations between the two countries."

He continued: "Different festivals are held in Iran, one of which is the Fajr International Music Festival, which is held regularly every year and has hosted many prestigious international figures to date and it can be a good place for Chinese artists in this section as well.

Al-Hayari explained about the National Orchestra and Symphony, which is run by the Roudaki Foundation, and suggested holding a joint performance.

The Manager of Roudaki Foundation further said "Roudaki Foundation is one of the important cultural and artistic centers and has several subdivisions including Azadi Tower, Vahdat Hall, Roudaki, and Ferdowsi".

He added that the Roudaki Foundation is ready to implement cultural and artistic programs in order to expand relations between the two countries

In the end, a working group will be formed to follow up and review the expert and specialized proposals and to provide the ground for concluding an artistic memorandum between the two countries.