Director of International Affairs of the festival, Ardavan Ja’farian, said that following consultations for having foreign musicians present at the 36th edition, the agreement was signed with the Spanish festival.

Based on the agreement, both countries will delegate their artists for festivals and other cultural events of the other country, he added. 

“In the first step of this collaboration, we will welcome the performance of a Cuban artist living in Spain, and in the post-coronavirus era, we will hold programs featuring Eastern music and Iran’s regional music,” he added.

“The festival needs to be seen as a cultural gateway in a way that it should not be merely an importer of ideas and art from the opposite side. However, it needs interaction with audiences and artists,” Ja’farian added. “We are making great efforts to orient the future editions of Fajr Music Festival in this way.”

Citing the Public Relations Office of the 36th Fajr Music Festival, the performances of the 36th Fajr Music Festival will be broadcast in cyberspace.

Source: Iran Daily