Atabaki’s son, Ramtin, announced this news by publishing a photo on his personal page.

Atabaki was born in 1940. He studied radifs (a collection of many old melodic figures preserved through many generations by oral tradition that organizes the melodies in a number of different tonal spaces called dastgah – a musical modal system in traditional Persian art music) of Abolhassan Saba in Parviz Kouhestani’s classes.

In the National Academy of Music, he was a student of Ali Tajvidi and other music masters and learned a lot in Mirza Abdullah’s classes.

Atabaki graduated from the University of Tehran with a bachelor’s degree in music and started working as an art expert.

He taught music at Aburaihan Campus, University of Tehran. In 1985, the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance introduced him as vice president of the Center for Revolutionary Hymns and Songs.