Hossein AjamiAdvisor and representative of the Lebanese Minister of culture and Andreh Al-Hajj  leader of the National Orchestra in Lebanon met Syyed Mojtaba Hosseini Deputy Culture Minister for Artistic Affairs together with Mohammad Allahyari the Director general of the music bureau.

With referring to the cultural cooperation memorandum of understanding between two countries, Ajami mentioned "Lebanon is ready and willing to have joint artistic cooperation with Iran in various fieldsp".

Hosseini also added p"Art is a language without need of translation and the best line of communication between nations. Artsy ties have been established between the two countries in the past and these activities can be strengthened by further interaction". 

Al-Hajj also stated" the National Orchestra of Iran is very professional. Lebanon and the Lebanese National Orchestra are ready and willing to establish a two-way communication in the field of music between Iran and Lebanon'.