The first online concert on tribes music started on August 14 in the Grand Bazar of Iran and lasted for four nights in which 8 music groups performed. 

The online Iranian regional music concert on its fourth night hosted the Khorasan tribes in the first part and the Azarbaijan tribes in the second part.

On August 16, in the first part of the program, Ayoub Saeedi (Dutar player) performed pieces.

In the second part of the program, Azarbaijan music was performed by Sonar Najari (Tar player) and  Paniz Sattari (Qanun player).

'' we performed songs that not many people have heard it before" Sonar said. 

The performances of the first online regional music concerts ended by groups from Sistaan and Baluchestaan, Bushehr, Lorestan, Kermanshah, Khorassan, Khuzestan, and Azerbaijanthe Grand Bazar of Iran.

This series of concerts is held by the support of the Music division of the Deputy Minister of Arts under the spotlight of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance in cooperation with the Grand Bazaar of Iran.