Amir Asnaashari , Iranian singer, and Avay Abrisham played on the second night of the first online live stream concert of Iranian classical/ Radiff  music.

The concert started with “ Khater Nazok Be Barg Gol Nayazaram To Ra” and  then the group singer’s Amir Asnaashari performed “ Halam Ra Kharab Kardeh”.

They perform the pieces “Az soat Motreb Bazma Eishm Por Sedast”, “Kham Abro and Mozhgant Mara Kosht” and “ Goftam Gham To Daram.

The first online concert of instrumental music will be broadcast free of charge every night from 16 to 20 August at 21:30 on Tiwa Interactive TV.

These online concerts will be held in Roudaki Hall with the support of the Music Office of the Deputy Minister of Arts of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance as well as the Roudaki Foundation.