Salar Aghili, Iranian traditional singer, who previously held a concert in May, performed with his wife Harir Shariat Zadeh, famous Iranian pianist. 

"Mara Raha Kon" was the first song which was peformed by Aghili and Shariat Zadeh. Then, Orchestra came to the stage and accompanied Salar in " Vatanam" song. He also performed "Che begoyam", "Peydayam Kon", an old khorasani melody as "Mion Eloom", "Iran", "Sarve Zire Ab", "Tanha mimanam", and  "Mother". 

This concert was ended with "Vatanam" song. 

This concert was broadcasted in Lenz TV of Irancell. This platform also hosted Homayoun Shajarian's concert which was highly welcomed by public.