Born in 1945, Gorginpur belonged to the Qashqai, a large nomad group that lives in central and southern Iran. He was the son of setar virtuoso Habibkhan, and his brother, Farhad, was also a great master of Qashqai music.

Forud first began with accordion and violin, and later moved Tehran to pursue his interests with musicians Ali Tajvidi and Habibollah Badiei.

He was a Persian literature graduate of the University of Shiraz, and continued his studies in music at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Tehran.

He spent 40 years collecting Qashqai songs, which were on the verge of being forgotten.

Kuroghlu, Separation and Turkamansahra are among his noteworthy albums.

The Qashqai nomads are Turkic-speaking peoples who enjoy a strong sense of ethnic identity and are one of Iran’s many national tribes.

They are also renowned for their music, magnificent pile carpets and other woven wool products. 

Source:Tehran Times