Released in August, the Persian and Spanish song, in fusion genre, was welcomed by the music fans across the globe.

In summer, Matoori created a project called The Voice and Bridges to show the peaceful connections between Farsi and other languages. “The Dream was one of the pieces in the project.

Born in 1979, Matoori is a composer and santur player. He has performed with well-known masters in global music including Sandeep Das, Jamal Mohamed, Paul Sriji, Maeve Gilchrist, Matthew Coley, Andrew Bleck, and Taher Khan.

Matoori is the founder and director of AramArt World Music & Art Institute and has been a member of SMU World Music Ensemble since 2013.

Ghorbani, born in 1973, is a traditional vocalist. He has been the vocalist at the National Orchestra for many years and has joined many concerts and festivals in and outside Iran. He has recorded 20 albums.

Established in 2011 in California, the US, Global Music Awards is a well-known international music competition, which celebrates independent musicians. It presents the winners with gold, silver and bronze medals.

Source: Mehr News