She is negotiating with a number of Tehran’s major theaters to arrange more performances for the musical, which won popular acclaim when it was staged at Tehran’s Shahrzad Theater for three nights from February 27, the Persian service of Honaronline.

The musical was staged in the form of naqqali, a dramatic style of storytelling dedicated to Shahnameh epic stories, said Jahandoost who is also a naqqal, someone who performs naqqali.

Scenes of the story have been previously illustrated, and children will color in the pictures during each performance, she added.   

Members of a cast of 37 child performers are taking part in this production. 

The Seven Adventures of Rustam (The Haft Khan-e Rostam) is the title of one of two famous episodes in the Shahnameh.

 The story recounts Rustam’s endeavors to liberate the Kayanid king Kay Kavus from the bonds of Deeve Sefid (White Demon).

Young musician Aidin Bayat conducts the group of musicians and Zahar Hushyar directs the painting crew.

Source: Tehran Times