A selection of the performances held during the Kucheh Festival, a music program organized in various districts of Bushehr last year, has been arranged for the festival, the organizers announced on Sunday.

“This artistic event is rooted in people of the southern region and their culture. We played music for people in alleys across the city,” filmmaker Ehsan Abdipur, who is attending the festival in Mumbai, has said.

“In the past, when there were no communication devices, the two cities of Bushehr and Mumbai had many cultural and economic relations, and I think people can solve their problems better than the governments during these current adverse economic conditions confronting the country.”

The festival, which opened on Friday, offers a variety of programs including music performances by vocalist and neyanban virtuoso Mohsen Sharifian and his band, Lian.

In addition, films by directors from Bushehr are being screened.

Exhibitions of photos and Persian handicrafts, as well as meetings with Iranian filmmakers and producers, have also been arranged during the festival that will run until Tuesday.

The performances take place at IEFS Hall, IIT Powai and Phoenix Mall in collaboration with Iran’s Culture House in Mumbai.

Source: Tehran Times