Two songs will be recorded by the singers for the project, the public relations team of the project announced in a press release on Thursday.

Four more songs, which have been composed by Dilshad Shaikh, will also be performed by other Indian singers for the film will premiere in Tehran during November.

Starring Hamid Farrokhnejad and Fardin Hafizi, the film is about Satan’s daughter who intends to repent. She is first asked to find an innocent man to bow down to until her repentance is accepted. The Satan’s daughter descends to search for the man.

The cast also includes the Indian actors Jackie Shroff and Simran Mishrikoti, and also the bad man of Bollywood, Gulshan Grover.

Mohammadpur is scheduled to visit China to hold talks with a number of Chinese companies to screen the film in the country.

“The Devil’s Daughter” is Mohammadpur’s second film being shot in India. He made the first, “Salam Mumbai”, in the country in 2015.

Source: Tehran Times