It will be performed by three string quartets. Internava Ensemble, led by Irish conductor and violinist Darragh Morgan, will join two quartets from Iran to play contemporary and world classical masterpieces.

Violinist from Cyprus Victoria Mavromoustaki, Portuguese cello player Pedro Silva and Spanish viola player Miguel Sabrino are members of Internava Ensemble.

A non-profit, non-political music organization in the UK, Internava is co-founded by composer Farokhzad Layegh, kamancheh and tonbak player Adib Rostami, and former ambassador of the London Symphony Orchestra Ali Adeli, all from Iran, as well as English conductor, producer and music educator Mark Stephenson.

Internava supports Iranian musicians and composers and promotes a wider understanding and appreciation of Iranian contemporary and traditional music to the outside world.

One of the two Iranian string quartets comprises Bardia Kiaras and Tina Jameh-Garmi on violin, viola player Danial Jourabchi and Mehrad Alami on cello while the other includes Amir Bavarchi who plays the violin, Mehdi Javanbakht on violin, Niloofar Soha on viola, and Makan Khoynejad on cello.

Also, young prodigy Ashkan Layegh, 20, will accompany the string quartets on piano.

  Tjeknavorian’s Birth Anniversary

Internava is to commemorate the 80th birth anniversary of renowned music conductor Loris Tjeknavorian on the first night of the concert with three musical pieces composed by the Iranian-Armenian musician.  

The July 16 event will also include famous pieces by world classical composers Dimitri Shostakovich (1906-1975) and Claude Debussy (1862-1918).

Tjeknavorian is a celebrated cultural figure in Armenia and Iran. He has composed six operas and five symphonies alongside choral work, ballet and piano music. He has also written music score for movies and documentaries.

The maestro endorsed the Internava organization by composing an orchestral piece on the story of Zal and Simorgh from the Shahnameh (Book of Kings) by Persian poet Ferdowsi (935-1020) for the upcoming concert.

For the second night of the concert, the three string quartets will perform pieces composed by Farokhzad Layegh, American composer Steve Reich, British composer and piano player Michael Nyman and Ashkan Layegh.

Tickets to the event are available at Vahdat Hall is located at Shahriar St., Hafez St. south of Enqelab St.

Working Children

Proceeds of the concerts will be donated to Ilia Charity, a non-profit organization dedicated to improve the life of labor children and the less privileged.

Iran currently has one of the youngest populations in the world with 70% of its people under the age of 35. However, the number of working children is on the rise.

Last year more than 2 million such children were officially identified in Iran while unofficial estimates put the number at 7 million children including immigrant children from Pakistan and Afghanistan, IRNA  reported in February quoting MP Shahrbanoo Amani.

Many children work over six hours a day. They often become prey to child abuse and various diseases.

In Tehran, most of the street children live in the slums in south of the city and travel to the affluent parts of the capital where they shine shoes, clean car windscreens and sell chewing gum, flowers, fortune poems, nylon socks...

Source: Financial Tribune