The concerts, each of which has a different repertoire, will be held at Vahdat Hall from July 2 to 4, the Farabi Foundation announced on Tuesday.

A choir composed of 25 vocalists, an orchestra with stringed instruments, a group of bronze wind instruments, and a pop orchestra will accompany Avaye Mahan during the performances. 

Songs by American singers Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Doris Day and Ray Charles will be presented during the concerts.

The group also include some songs from English rock group the Beatles and Euro-Caribbean vocal group Boney M. in their repertoire.

Songs by Italian singer Albano Carrisi, American-French singer Joe Dassin and Swedish pop group ABBA have also been selected for the repertoire.

All performers will be in period costume during the concerts.

“We intend to elevate the standards of the aural culture of our society and audience by new, rich repertoires and powerful arrangements, and also to amaze them by special visual effects at the concerts,” Avaye Mahan conductor Nima Fatehi said.  

The Avaye Mahan Choir, which performed a similar concert in Tehran in January 2016, has given numerous performances at Iranian and international events. The group won awards at the Canta Al Mar International Choir Festival in Barcelona in October 2015.

Source: Tehran Times