The Lur ensemble of Tal will come on stage at Milad Hall of the expo center to perform Lurish music on the occasion of Golvani festivity held this year May 4-11.

Golvani is a colorful and patterned scarf Lur women use mostly for celebrations and joyous events. In recent years, the 3,000-year-old scarf has become an ethnic symbol of Lurs and every year is celebrated in May.

Tal is led by musician and composer Moslem Alipour. His father, the veteran vocalist of Lurish music Faraj Alipour, will sing.  Pieces are arranged by Milad Alipour, Moslem’s brother. Both local and western instruments are used in his arrangement, namely kamancheh, tar, setar, sorna, guitar, piano and tonbak.  Tickets to the concert are available at Tehran Permanent Fairground is located off Chamran Highway and is also accessible through Seoul Avenue.

Source:Financial Tribune