Acclaimed Japanese musician and composer Masanori Takahashi, better known by his nickname Kitaro, will perform for three nights at the Ministry of Interior Hall from May 6-8.

Most Iranians know Kitaro, 65, for the beautiful music he made for the documentary The Silk Road. “When I was composing for the Silk Road, I became particularly interested in Iranian ethnic music. Over and over I listened to Iranian ethnic and folk pieces, learning and discovering many things from them.

“Obviously, there is a treasure of ethnic music across Iran. It takes a very long time to review and appreciate the music of all the ethnicities … it is part of my professional approach to learn about the culture and tradition of a nation before performing in the country. This way I can create something more to their liking. Cultural dialogue or more precisely, musical dialogue is of utmost importance for me,” he said.

Source:Financial Tribune