He will be accompanied by three other santur (Iranian hammered dulcimer) players, ISNA reported.

The musicians are his pupils: santur instructor Mahyar Tarihi, 32; instructor, composer and arranger Mostafa Momenian, 34; and composer Siavash Kamkar, 28, who is the youngest member of the music ensemble of the Kamkars, a Kurdish family from the city of Sanandaj, the capital of Kurdistan Province.

The concert features the trio in contemporary style, innovated by Ardavan, who will perform four santur compositions, starting with a piece titled ‘Ravan’ (spirit or psyche) by Mostafa Momenian.

The second composition is ‘Raha’ (Free) by Siavash Kamkar, followed by Mahyar Tarihi’s ‘Roya’ (Dream), and ‘Damavand,’ Kamkar’s composition named after the highest mountain in Iran and the Middle East.

A solo santur rendition by the composer, covering the pieces ‘Shekasteh’ (Broken), ‘Harifan’ (Rivals) and ‘Tehran,’ will end the concert.

Source: Financial Tribune