Curated by Shahin Ebrahimzadeh-Pezeshki, the exhibition consists of 25 Iranian tribal costumes purchased from different regions of the country.

Ebrahimzadeh-Pezeshi is an artist and researcher in the field of traditional and tribal clothing. 

She added that the purpose of holding the exhibition is to create an opportunity to familiarize the young generation with these clothes, that clothing is one of the valuable manifestations to show the cultural roots of countries, and I have repeatedly emphasized on various occasions that the establishment of a permanent clothing museum is a must.

Paying attention to the symbols and motifs of these clothes as well as traditional stitching, needlework and crocheting will result in a rich encyclopedia of these works, she noted.

The clothes of Iranian ethnic groups are designed and sewn by educated artists in different periods, under the influence of historical, political and geographical circumstances, she said.

The exhibition opened on January 31.