Hollande engaged in conversations with the manager of the Iranian pavilion and his staff and congratulated them the Iranian New Year, the Persian service of MNA reported on Friday.

He pointed out to the long cultural relations between Iran and France and expressed his hope that cultural background would help the two countries strengthen relations in other fields.

Hollande was also presented with the book "Iran", which contains photos of Iran’s nature and cultural attractions.

The manager of the Iranian pavilion Ahmad Shakeri and several Iranian cultural officials are scheduled to hold a meeting with Paris Book Fair director Bertrand Morisset today.

This year, Iran plans to commemorate the recently-deceased poet Afshin Yadollahi, who was introduced to French readers with "Le Clepcydre De L’amour" last year at the Paris Book Fair.

Iran will also introduce a French translation of Majid Qeisari’s novel "Ne change plus ton nom". Candle & Fog is the publisher of the book translated into French by Roya Veyseh.

Source: Tehran Times