Mr. Kianush Golzar, the book's author, has since published two other works on the same subject as "Shonam." Now that you can hear the voices of Democrat and Komalah speaking in different ways, I wish more people had read Golzar's books to see how the slogan "Woman, Life, Freedom" is exactly the translated version of theirs…

The story of "Shonam" is based on the author's personal experiences as a young soldier who volunteered to go to war to defend his nation. But fate had other plans for him, and he was captured by Komalah. He met someone named "Saeid" who offered to accompany him on his escape from a horrific prison that lacked even the most basic comforts that Iranians had in Saddam's prison. Although the character of "Saeid" had a strong influence on him, he was unable to run away with him and never saw him again.

Mr. Golzar was ultimately saved in an almost unbelievable story, but the memories of those times still weighed heavily on him, leading him to decide to document and share his experience.

After a while, Mr. Golzar had an anonymous call of someone who introduced himself as “Saeid Sardasht.” And yes, it was the same "Saeid" who ran away from the prison and Kianush did not accompany him because another friend of him, "Yadollah", advised him not to. After several years, this meeting resulted in the creation of his second book, "Evenings of Keriskan," which is, in my opinion, his most amazing work.

Last but not least, Mr. Golzar's most recent book is "Bardehsour," which is based on the memories of "Yadollah," the man who prevents Kianush from escaping from the prison.

Furthermore, the titles of the books are the names of the three prisons, where each of the narrators spent the majority of his captivity.

This trilogy can be read based on the date of publication or in whatever order you wish. Each book has a unique, amazing plot, and reading them might be highly beneficial given the state of today's society.


Source:Tehran Times