The corner holds 32 books on Iran and Islam translated into Bulgarian language, IRNA reported.

The books gifted to the library include works introducing the Iranian great figures, Iran's tourism attractions, the Holy Qur’an, a book on peaceful coexistence of followers of different religions in Iran, and a book on Persian Gulf's identity in historical maps.

The cultural establishment was made on the 125th anniversary of establishment of Iran-Bulgaria diplomatic relations, coinciding with the 75th anniversary of the two nations’ cultural relations.

Iran’s Ambassador to Sofia Mohammad-Javad Rasouli-Mahallati, Iran’s Cultural Attaché Javad Amini-Manesh, and Head of the Bulgarian National Library Krasimira Aleksandrova were present at the opening ceremony.

Aleksandrova congratulated the 125th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic ties of the two countries, expressing delight about the bilateral cultural interaction and cooperation between the two countries’ national libraries.

She appreciated the efforts by Iran’s Embassy for opening Iran Corner in her country's national library, considering gifting a manuscript of selected holy verses of the Qur’an to that library as a sign of the two countries’ deep and friendly relation.

Mahallati, referring to the old relations of the two countries, reiterated, “The cultural, linguistic, and racial commonalties between the two countries and nations, and translation of numerous books from Persian to Bulgarian, as well as the existence of over 1,000 words in the Bulgarian language with Persian root, are strong reasons for the proximity between the two cultures.”

The envoy emphasized that the cooperation between the National Library and Archives of Iran (NLAI) and that of Bulgaria needs to be extended, noting that the arrangements for the visit of the head of NLAI in near future are all made.

Source: Iran Daily