There, he discovers that the Americans brought a variety of woves to the area under the pretext of breeding Iranian wolves, Because these wolves are cannibals that only hunt on humans, Americans have employed them to murder key figures in the revolution and complicate life in that area for locals.

The fear of wolves permeates the entire book, as though we constantly have the feeling that a wolf is following us and could attack us at any time, The title '' The Wolf Age'' is a pretty appropriate one for the book because wolves can be seen throughout the story at various points.

The author's fantastic descriptions are the book's most prominent aspect, His storytelling style transports us to the snowy slopes of Sablan alongside the main character.

The cruelty of local authorities is another theme in the novel, Those who do not hesitate to subjugate people in order to further their own interests.

The author attempts to compare and contrast our national and cultural identity with the identity of the West in various sections of the book, Also he incorporates several symbols within the story and shows the rural culture in various locations.

This book, which was written by Amir Hussein Fardi and is the sequel to the novel ''Esmaeil,'' continues the tale from that novel, it was released by Soore Mehr publication.

Source:Tehran Times