The Deputy Minister of the Iranian  Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicrafts Ali Asghar Shalbafian met with Yevgeny Kozlov, the head of the Moscow Tourism Committee, and Chechen Minister of Tourism Muslim Baitaziev.

In this meeting, important issues related to the field of tourism were discussed by Tatiana Charshavistskaya, Deputy Head of the Moscow Tourism Committee, Orhan Rezayev, Head of Projects of the Moscow Tourism Committee, Sergey Baratov, Deputy Director of International Relations of the Moscow Department of Foreign Economy and International Relations, and Nikitenko Petar, Cultural Attaché, Third Secretary of the Russian Embassy in Iran.

The current tourism situation of the two countries and the prospects of joint cooperation, the implementation of the joint action plan document, the cancellation of group visas for tourists, and the importance of the diversity of tourism capacities in Iran, including many historical and tourist attractions,  were among the most important issues that were discussed in this meeting.

Source:Mehr News