Kianush Motamedi, Razieh Yasini, Mohammad-Ali Rajabi-Davani, Mohammadreza Aryanfar, Abdorrahman Onaq and Hossein Qornabzadeh received their awards in a ceremony held as paert of the Islamic Revolution Art Week, which the bureau organizer every year to commemorate the martyrdom anniversary of documentarian Morteza Avini.

He was killed by a landmine in 1993 during his last trip to the former Iran-Iraq war zone in southwestern Iran while making a documentary about soldiers who were still listed as missing in action.

Motamedi was honored for organizing “Mirror on the Mirror”, an exhibition of artworks on the Islamic Revolution at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art in February during the 14th Fajr Festival of Visual Arts. 

Yasini received an award for the research project “A study of Currents of Thought in Post-Revolution Magazines”.

Rajabi-Davani was honored for two books “Penmanship of the Skilled”, which consists of two classic treatises on Persian calligraphy, and “Image of the Epic”, which carries articles on the Islamic Revolution visual arts. 

Author Aryanfar was awarded for his trilogy, which is composed of three young adult novels on the revolution.

Onaq received the award for his novel “Mati Khan”. The story begins with an announcement from Mati Khan and other leaders of the Turkmen tribes in the northeastern regions of Iran, who warn of the establishment of border checkpoints by the government during the early days of the reign of Reza Shah.

The Turkmen are not optimistic about the government’s plan, so Reza Shah selects a tough bunch of his men to implement it. As a result, the Turkmen now face harsh restrictions imposed by the border patrol agents even on their daily movements.

Qorbanzadeh was selected for his novel “Prints of the Main Fingers”.

Source:Tehran Times