“Animah is a collection of sonnet poems I wrote between 2015 and 2019. This book, published by Soore Mehr, contains sonnets with a variety of themes and subjects, including social, ritual, and romantic,” said Mehrabi.

“Four of my seven published books are religious poems, so I'm more likely to be remembered with religious poems. But poetry is a means of awakening people's souls for me, and I have done so without limiting myself to a religious subject, “she added. 

Regarding the poetic meaning of his poems, he said that in any way that words can express, his ultimate purpose is awakening and awareness.

Mehrabi noted that she has written religious poems for the spirit of prayer and hope, love sonnets for sympathy with lovers, and resistance poems for the attitude of stability and battling.

It is also worth mentioning that this lady poet’s book won first place in the 16th International "Fajr Poetry" Festival.

Source:Tehran Times