Iran and Azerbaijan enjoy long-lasting relations in the cultural fields, Mohammad-Mehdi Esmaili said in a meeting held in the Iranian capital with Azeri Ambassador to Tehran Ali Alizadeh on Monday.

In the meeting, the culture minister stressed the importance of making efforts to upgrade and revive mutual agreements on cultural cooperation.

Good meetings are underway between political and cultural officials of both nations, Esmaili added.

Referring to Nowruz celebrations as common heritage of the two countries, the minister said Tehran has invited its northern neighbor to take part in the New Year feast in Iran.

Annually, Iranians from all over the world celebrate Nowruz – the ancient festival and the new Iranian year – which informs arrival of spring and the Persian New Year. Hundreds of millions of people across the world also celebrate Nowruz.

As Esmaili noted, Iran-Azerbaijan friendly relation are so deep that no ill-wishers can damage it.

He went on to say that the Islamic Republic of Iran’s firm policy on Azerbaijan is brotherly cooperation and mutual understanding.

For his part, Alizadeh said Baku is after fostering cultural ties along with political and economic relations with Iran.

The meeting of the presidents of the two neighboring countries is an indication of expansion of cooperation, he underlined.

Also, holding a ceremony on the 30th anniversary of Baku-Tehran relations indicated deep bilateral cooperation, the ambassador stressed.

Further, Alizadeh thanked Iran for hosting Fajr international theatre and film festivals where Azerbaijan was also present.

At the end, the Azeri ambassador called for promoting Baku-Tehran media cooperation in order to truly reflect the news.


Source: IRNA