The novella, which was originally published in 1829, has been translated by Mohammad Qazi.

Deeply shocking in its time, “The Last Day of a Condemned Man” is a profound and moving tale and a vital work of social commentary. 

A man vilified by society and condemned to death for his crime wakes every morning knowing that this day might be his last. 

With the hope for release his only comfort, he spends his hours recounting his life and the time before his imprisonment. But as the hours pass, he knows that he is powerless to change his fate. He must follow the path so many have trod before him—the path that leads to the guillotine.

Hugo wrote this story to express his belief that the death penalty should be abolished.

Several Persian translations of the book have been published by various Iranian companies.

The latest one done by Banafsheh Farisabadi was released by the Cheshmeh publishing house.

Source:Tehran Times