The Jalal Al-e Ahmad Literary Award is an Iranian literary award presented yearly since 2008. Every year, an award is given to the best Iranian authors on the birthday of the renowned Persian writer Jalal Al-e Ahmad.

The closing ceremony held on Tuesday evening, attended by the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Mohammad-Mehdi Esmaili, and the nominees were awarded in each part. 

The minister of culture stressed planning for training besides the pathologies of the art and culture area in his speech at the ceremony. 

In the Best Editor part, the prize went to Andishe Ghadirian for 'Albert Camus In Iran', Hossein Alinaghi for 'Baba Rajab', Akram Dej Havast Gank for Saate Dangi, and Mojtaba Movahedian for 'Sellool Bahari' (Spring Cell). 

In the Documentary, the prize went to Meisam Amir for 'Dagh Delroba' (charming grief) and Hedayatollah Behboodi for 'Reza Nam to Reza Khan'. 

Still, in the Literary Critique, the prize went to Mohammad-Reza Farsian and Fatemeh Ghaderi for 'Albert Camus In Iran'.  

No works were selected in the short story part, but Ahmad Reza Amiri Samani for 'Crazy Saint' and Mohammad Esmail Hajialian for 'Saate Dangi' were awarded. 

In the Other View part, Tashrif by Ali Asghar Ezzati Pak, 'Haj Jalal' by Leila Nazari Gilandeh, 'Sabzabi' by Saeed Tashakori Baghdar, 'Spring Cell' by Behnamm Bagheri, and 'Koohestan Atash' (mountain of fire) by Glali Babaee were selected and their authors were awarded. 

Seyyed Meisam Mousavian and Reza Joulai were also awarded in the Novel part, respectively for writing 'Bi Name Pedar' (without father's name) and 'Mah Ghamgin Mah Sorkh' (Sad Moon, Red Moon).