The course started with the support of Saadi Foundation has an aim to develop and expand Persian language knowledge in Pakistan.

Participants of the course will learn Persian language at both beginner and introductory levels, through experienced professors and relying on the latest methods and educational resources of the Saadi Foundation.

40 participants will complete these courses by 7th February 2022, based on the educational method of the Saadi Foundation and after taking classes of 44 hours and five workshops.

Director of Iranian Cultural Center Jafar Ronas and representative of Saadi Foundation were also present on the occasion.

Jafar Ronas expressing his views said Iranian culture center will use all its capacities to help people learn Persian language in Pakistan. He noted during this period, educational workshops will be held to increase speech skills, correct accents and get acquainted with Iranian culture.

In the program, the Yalda night ritual was also explained to Persian students and poems and poems were recited in Persian.

Expressing the importance of Yalda night in Iranian culture and customs, Jafar Ronas said Yalda night ritual in Iran has a history of thousands of years and people from Central Asian countries to the Caucasus and the Indian subcontinent, including parts of Pakistan also celebrate the event in various ways.

He said it is the time when family members get together to celebrate the winter solstice. At the ceremony, people eat various kinds of foods, ranging from watermelon and pomegranate to nuts and sweets.

Source: IRNA