The Turkish publisher Zengin has published the books based on an agreement with the Pol Literary and Translation Agency, a Tehran-based institution that translates Iranian books and presents Persian-language publications around the world, the agency announced on Sunday.

Written by Ebrahim Hassanbeigi, ''The Rose on the Rug'' was first published by Iran's Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults in 2000.

The book tells the story of Safura, a Turkman girl who thinks that her father became depressed after their followers withered away. To make her father happy, she begins weaving a prayer rug with red rose designs. But the only problem is the lack of a rose to be the pattern. She designs the pattern based on a rose she receives from her father. The rug is finally comleted and she gives it as a present to her father.

Carrying illustrations by Mitra Abdollahi, the book has previously been published in English.

“Migration of Ruzbeh” written by Atusa Salehi was originally published by Ofoq, a major publishing house in Tehran. The Turkish edition also features the original illustrations by Hesameddin Tabatabai.

The story of the book is narrated by Ruzbeh, a nomad boy who wants to know the meaning of the Persian word “kuch” (migration). Along with their tribe, his family embarks on a journey to find an appropriate place to spend the rest of the year. On the way, Ruzbeh gradually learns about the duties of women and men of their tribe, the threats they face on the journey, their customs, traditions, food and so many other topics. By the end of the journey, Ruzbeh has learned the meaning of the word “Kuch”.        

Zengin has previously published several other books by Iranian writers, including “The White Raven” by Farideh Jahandideh.

Over the past few years, a number of Turkish publishers have shown an interest in works by Iranian writers, especially those who are active in children’s literature. 

Muhenna, a publishing house for young adults in Istanbul, has released a Turkish translation of Iranian writer Mohammad Mirkiani’s book “Our Story Becomes a Fairy Tale” under the title of “Hikayemiz Masal Oldu”.

Source:Tehran Times