He made the statement on holding cultural programs amid the coronavirus pandemic, adding that different Fajr festivals on films, music, visual arts, fashion, and poetry are held annually with international artists in attendance.

Due to the pandemic situation, on the occasion of the victory of the 43rd anniversary of 1979 Islamic Revolution, the festivals will be organized and held in accordance with the protocols of the National Headquarters for Managing and Fighting the Coronavirus, the minister noted.

Esmaeili added, in almost all sectors, the ministry is ready to hold all Fajr festivals at their expected time, and by using all capacities.

The newly-appointed managers are perusing all arrangements to hold the cultural festivals, the minister said.

Esmaeili said that cultural policies and objectives of the government are clear and inclusive, adding that the ministry makes great attempts not only to remove obstacles, but also to hold the festivals with higher quality in order to help advance the policies of the government.