Translated by Hossein Jamali and Mehrangiz Qahramani, the book has been published by Nimaj.

How far would you go for what you believe in? Kat gets up one morning, leaves her family behind and travels to London to carry out an act that will change her life and, she hopes, everyone else's.

For those it touches, their lives will never be the same. But what, in the end, are the real consequences of her actions?

Raw, disturbing and compassionate, James Fritz’s searingly powerful play forces a confrontation with some of the most urgent questions we face. What can one individual do to effect change? And where do we choose to draw the line between absolute commitment and dangerous obsession?

“Parliament Square” won the Judges’ Award in the Bruntwood Prize for Playwriting. It had its world premiere on the main stage at Manchester’s Royal Exchange Theatre in 2017, before transferring to the Bush Theatre, London.

“I wrote ‘Parliament Square’ in 2015. By the time it was first staged at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester in October 2017, we were living in the aftermath of two of the most unstable and divided years in the United Kingdom’s recent political history, as two general elections and the Brexit referendum split the country in two. It is, in a way, an uncertain play for uncertain times,” Fritz has said.

“In writing the play, I wanted to explore questions that feel increasingly urgent in today’s political climate. How far should we be willing to go to fight injustice? And where does our true responsibility lie: to ourselves, to our family, or to humanity in general?” he added.

Fritz lives in London and graduated from the Central School of Speech and Drama with an MA in writing for stage and broadcast media.

Source:Tehran Times