Iran’s Cultural Attaché to Georgia Ahmad-Ali Mehri Ardestani, and his predecessor Hamid Mostafavi, met with the Georgian academic at the Iranian Embassy in Tbilisi, where it was agreed to publish the book by the end of January next year, after it is edited by an expert, IRNA reported.

Containing 1000 pages and set to be issued in two volumes, the book reflects 10 years of hard work by Sakhokia. 

An Orientalist and doctor of philology, Sakhokia is the head of the Department of Indo-Iranian Languages at the Ilia State University in the Georgian capital.

She has authored and translated more than 200 books and scientific articles on the Farsi language, most significantly about the ancient Persian language, Persian phrasal verbs, and the typology of structures in ancient Persian, Armenian, and Georgian languages, as well as a Georgian translation of the writings on the Achaemenid inscriptions.

Source: Iran Daily