Published in two volumes by Hanuz in Tehran, the book has been rendered into Persian by Vafa Dabiri Abkenari.

In the tradition of the great war novels of literature, Jensen’s acclaimed novel takes the reader on a powerful and unforgettable journey into the heart of contemporary warfare. 

A platoon of young men and women enlist to fight in Afghanistan, driven by a desire for justice and a need to test themselves under extreme circumstances. Soon they face a challenge that no military training has prepared them for, and simple survival becomes their only mission.

Foremost among them is Hannah, a tough young soldier whose dedication and ferocity convince her fellow soldiers of the righteousness of their mission. 

Manipulated into committing acts of violence against their own allies, they become notorious among Afghans as “Western jihadis”. With American drones mysteriously being shot down from the sky, the soldiers begin to realize they are pawns in an audacious experiment.

Jensen was born in 1952. He first made his name as a columnist and literary critic for the Copenhagen daily Politiken, and has written novels, essays and travel books.

Jensen was awarded the Golden Laurels for “I Have Seen the World Begin” and the Danske Banks Litteraturpris, Denmark’s most prestigious literary award, for “We, the Drowned”.

Source:Tehran Times