Abolhassan Khalaj-Monfared said on Saturday that the webinar will be held in Tehran on September 14 and 15, in the framework of the agreement between Iran’s ICRO and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The heads of ICRO and the Chinese academy, as well as several Iranian and Chinese experts will deliver speeches, according to Khalaj-Monfared.

So far, three editions of the event have been held in Beijing and two in Tehran, he said, adding that this round will be held online due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It is planned that future rounds will be held in the Chinese and Iranian capitals periodically.

Khalaj-Monfared noted that the ICRO intends to leverage Iranian academic centers and universities to run joint programs with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which has a number of experts on Iranology.

He also said that the program has a significant effect on reviewing cultural and civilizational ties between Iran and China, especially given that this year is the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Iran-China relations and that the two countries have recently signed a 25-year strategic cooperation agreement based on which cultural and tourism ties could be expanded.

Iran’s Embassy in China and the University of Tehran will cooperate in holding this webinar.

The official also pointed to the cultural- and tourism-related exchanges between Iran and China, the significant influence of both countries in the West Asia region, and their common interests in fighting against the hegemony and unilateralism practiced by the United States.

The ICRO is the main body which enforces the cultural policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the international arena, and has over 30 years of experience in this regard, including the promulgation of interfaith dialogue.

Source: Iran Daily